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Plural Component Reactors

Polyurea is thick and viscous by nature, a little like golden syrup or honey. As our products are 100% solids and zero VOC's (meaning they contain no solvent at all), it needs to be heated in order to be sprayed. The Reactor is fed by pumps from the drums where it is heated and then either returned to the drum or down the heated hosed to the gun. The reactor has either an air, electric or hydraulic motor to pressurise the material to around 2500 psi. This high pressure is used to mix the A and B materials in the gun through two offset holes in the mixing chamber (impingement mix), then out through the tip and atomised. Our material cannot be processed through any other equipment and cannot be hand applied as they react in a matter of seconds.

The industry standard reactor is the Graco Reactor 2, H-XP2. Also available is the E10 HP which is a small "20 sqm" machine, the A-XP1, the E-XP2 and H-XP3.

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